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What is a funeral?
A funeral is a declaration of a death that has occurred and a testimony to a life that has been lived.

What is embalming?
Embalming is the replacing of the fluids in the deceased with chemicals for disinfection and temporary preservation.

What is the purpose of embalming?
The temporary preservation is to permit the body to be present for the period of the funeral, including the visitation or wake, and for the funeral service.

Should the body be present and viewed?
For many people having the body viewed is important. It is an opportunity for reminiscence and acceptance of the death. Preparation, restoration and the use of cosmetics provide an image for recalling the deceased.

Should the casket remain open when the funeral service begins?
Some people want it open; others prefer the casket closed just before the service begins, especially if it is a religious service.

What is a burial vault?
It is an outer enclosure (made of concrete, steel, fiberglass, copper, etc.) into which the casketed remains are placed. Cemeteries may require the use of some type of outside enclosure to reduce the possibility of a grave cave-in.

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We suggest that for the time of visitation and funeral someone remain in your home or a close neighbor maintain a watchful eye during your absence.

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