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Amelia Tonsits

Amelia Tonsits, 87, was born October 22, 1930, in Newark, New Jersey, passed away on February 15, 2018, in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Bisnonna Emilia, tua nipotina, Amelia, è a casa. (“Great-grandmother Emilia, your granddaughter, Amelia, is home.”)

Carmela and Antonio, beloved Nana and Gramps, your daughter, Amelia, is home.

I’d like to say some words about my mother, Amelia.

Mom, among your last words were “I want to play!” Now you can play all day long.

Sing, little bird. My little sweetie of a mother, now you can sing all day long.

My enthusiastic mother. Passionate, exuberant, sad, smart, shy. Accordion player, Spanish speaker, cook, teacher, mimic, Jack LaLanne follower, bank teller, singer, hilariously up and down always.

Such a little, glamorous, emotional, fragile, patient, high-strung, sensitive soul. She seemed too sensitive for the world.

I am so glad she’s finally released. She had a lonely, scared beginning and a hard end, and was forever apologizing. But my dad came along, and with him life was good for many years.

She tried so hard in everything she did. Always tried to be good.

She never took to strangers. Instead, she loved her family and was a good, attentive, hardworking daughter, granddaughter, wife, and mother. I think she considered parenting her life’s work.

She became ill and was invalided in her 60s, way too long before her death. For 22 years she was stilled and silenced. Now she’s free.

Sing, Amelia, little bird. Now you can sing always.